$30.00 Thanksgiving Dinner Status :-)

Hello  All,

I’ve purchsed 1 more thing for my $30.00 Thanksgiving dinner.  

In a previous post I mentioned Mac n Cheese and of course you need really good cheese.  Vons had Cracker Barrel B1G1 on sale last week. 

Since they ran out I had to get a rain check which worked out in my favor.  The B1G1 sale was $6.99 ea.  They are on sale again this week at $5.25 ea.

$30.00 – $8.52 = $21.48 – $.40 = $21.48 (remaining)

4 Cracker Barrel cheeses, on sale $5.25 ea., used (2) $1/2 cpns plus rain check for B1G1, $2.13 ea.

3 bags of Anthony’s macaroni, on sale .88 ea, used (3) .75/1 cpns dbl to .88, FREE

4 boxes of corn muffin mix, on sale .35 ea., used (1) $1.00/4 cpn, .10 ea.

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