National Cheese Doodle Day

I love this crunchy yellow-orange cheesy snack.

What are Cheese Doodles? They are a snack made from corn meal, baked and coated with cheddar cheese.

It’s unclear if Flakall Corporation or Elmer Candy corporation created these scrumptious snacks.

My research leans more towards Morrie Yohai, a WW II Marine pilot and philanthropist. After returning home from the war Yohai took over his father’s snack-food business in the Bronx. Looking for another type of snack food the Company found out about a machine that would extrude cornmeal and it would almost popped like popcorn. Wanting a healthier snack they were baked not fried.

Today is a celebration of the Wise Foods Cheese Doodle. They have been around since the 50’s and are one of the companies most popular brands.

Cheetos are Frito Lay’s version of the Cheese Doodle.

To celebrate National Cheese Doodle Day, pick up a bag of Cheese Doodles to share with friends!

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