Father and Daughter Take A Walk Together Day

You’d be surprised at how many holidays are out there many people just don’t know about. For me Father and Daughter Take A Walk Day was one of them.

This day is special in the fact that fathers and daughters spend one-on-one quality time together. Walking, sharing thoughts and getting reacquainted can be meaningful to both.

In a lot of the homes the father is heading to work while the kids are running off to school then to daycare or camp or sports, etc. There’s not much time at the end of the day to talk. Leaving dad out of the loop with mom needing to fill him in on all the activities of the day.

Find places in your area to walk. It could be a park, a walk around the city, walking downtown to your local stores or just a walk around the block. There are many place to walk that fit your lifestyle.

Most fathers are a major influence in their daughters lives so take your father for a walk today it’s Father and Daughter Take a Walk Together Day.

Then after your walk take him to lunch to show him how much you appreciate him. Make sure to tell him how much you appreciate him and love him because he might know it, but it’s always good to hear it.

You don’t have to do the father-daughter walk on July 7, make a daily to walk a few times a week or just once a month if time is a factor. I caution you to make the time. Family time between a father and daughter is quality time that will never be forgotten.

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