August 11 – Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life – Inspirational Quotes


Effort makes the difference

Daily Motivation, Quates About Life, Inspirational Quotes, Motivational QuotesIn order to create the product, you must go through the process. Yes, the result is very important, yet without sustained effort there is not going to be a result.

By all means, focus on what you desire to create. And then with your focus firmly fixed, get busy and make the effort.

The value of any achievement cannot be separated from the process of achievement. Working through that process is what makes the achievement worth having.

The dreams and goals set the direction. And then it is the effort that makes it all happen.

Effort is what makes the difference. And that is what makes effort such a substantive and authentic joy.

Welcome the process, welcome the effort, and welcome the price that is paid with your action. By paying that price you receive value that can never be taken away.

— Ralph Marston
Effort makes the difference (

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One thought on “August 11 – Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life – Inspirational Quotes

  1. I agree whole heartedly. 🙂 Very good post.

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