September – National Breakfast Month


“National Breakfast Month”

Although “National Breakfast Month” is not considered a National holiday local governments, groups and organizations recognize this month and use it to promote the benefits of a well-balanced breakfast.

September was chosen because the kids go back to school. A well-balanced breakfast will keep the children alert while in class. Parents and teachers should take advantage of this month to educate children on the benefits of eating breakfast and the importance of the right kinds of foods to promote a healthy life style. We as adults should set an example for our children by making breakfast a priority every morning.

So since I’m so passionate about this month, I will endeavor to post at least one article or recipe everyday about breakfast.

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One thought on “September – National Breakfast Month

  1. I think National Breakfast month should be everyday. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal! Thanks for the post. 🙂

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