I found this completely disturbing….


I don’t usually write posts like this, but I had someone “like” one of my posts today and when I looked at their site I came across this post. I cried when I saw it.
Please help stop French Islanders using live dogs and kittens as shark bait
This is the petition you can sign to help stop this madness. Please sign.
PETITION: Please help stop French Islanders using live dogs and kittens as shark bait
Please help mans best friend and our furry felines friends.

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7 thoughts on “I found this completely disturbing….

  1. I find it disturbing too. I find it equally disturbing that you have to be a member of Face Book in order to sign the petition, makes me question the validness of this petition to begin with.

    • I thought the same thing myself until I started researching online. Believe me the last thing I want to do is send any of my readers to a scam. If it will help you here is the original post: http://jennysserendipity.com/2012/09/11/petition-please-help-stop-french-islanders-using-live-dogs-and-kittens-as-shark-bait/ I have signed the petition and if you don’t feel comfortable signing it I completely understand. Thank you for reading the post.

      • nutsfortreasure

        Thanks so much it did look legit when I posted it and I hate that I had to share it as well but I adore and fight for the rights of many animals

      • I’m glad you did share it. Now a lot more people know and maybe we can help stop it.

      • nutsfortreasure

        It is the only reason I SHARED IT trust me I alone could but the people doing this , out of their misery

      • Yeah, I would sign but I don’t have a Face Book account. I had one in the past and if you sign a petition, they send so many emails to your in box that aren’t related and it takes so much time to get off the lists. I had to un-delete my Face Book account just to get off the lists. Maybe the animal rights activists should consider other options since not everyone likes Face Book. But, wow, I’m so sad about this, it brought tears to my eyes. It’s horrific what they are doing! I’ll Twitter this to at least help in some way.

      • I totally agree. In this case I just had to sign, I couldn’t help it. You are such a Gem to put this on Twitter. The more people who know about it the better. I so appreciate you doing that.

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