September 27 – National Chocolate Milk Day


Today is National Chocolate Milk Day! Drink Up!

There was a list of holidays for today, but I chose to remissness a little about chocolate milk and my childhood. I remember having hot Ovaltine in the morning when it was cold. I think we drank Ovaltine because of the vitamins and minerals. We would have Nestle Quik as a treat. But hey chocolate milk is chocolate milk.

Chocolate milk is a rich sweet treat. Until the 1820s, drinking chocolate was fairly uncommon and no one knew how to produce a smooth chocolate taste in liquid form. In 1828 the Van Houten company in Amsterdam invented the cocoa pressing method. This produced a light, fluffy chocolate powder that could be easily dissolved in water or milk. Today, chocolate milk is a popular beverage for people of all ages.

Chocolate milk has been proven to be a better drink than sports drinks which are marketed specifically because they supply your body with replenishment. Chocolate milk also has surprising restorative properties. In 2006, the dairy industry conducted a study and discovered that chocolate milk helps athletes with muscle recovery. It provides nine essential nutrients, making it both delicious and nutritious!

Pour yourself a nice tall glass of chocolate milk in honor of National Chocolate Milk Day.

Nestle Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Mix, 18-Ounce Canister (Pack of 3)
by: Ovaltine

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Nesquik Chocolate Powder Drink Mix, 48.7-Ounce Packages (Pack of 2)
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