October 7-13 – National Work From Home Week


This is “National Work From Home Week”

While trying to figure out what to write about today I came across “National Work From Home Week”.

While doing research I found a 2008 “Work From Home” article which concerned me.

After reading the article I had a few questions: (read the article first then these questions will make sense)

1.) Why is it not mandatory to work from home if eligible.

Just think of how much less gas would be used. I’m in California where I am paying $4.53 to $5.00 a
gallon for gas. Just think if all eligible Federal employees worked from home we could probably pay a little less a gallon right now.

2.) If the Federal Government is so telecommute friendly why are employees not told they are eligible to work from home.

I’m sure this would be a benefit to the Federal Government. They would pay less in electricity, computer leases, copy machines leases, office supplies, possible even move to a smaller building with less rent.

3.) Why would the employee not fight for the right to telecommute.

If it was me I would love working from home. The wear and tear on my car would be almost non-existent. My carbon footprint would be almost gone, I could walk to 90% of the stores I need.

Tell me what you think:


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4 thoughts on “October 7-13 – National Work From Home Week

  1. simplyeclecticlife

    I’ve been able to work from home, from time to time, throughout my career. It’s never been 100% work from home, but certainly a few days a month. I used to commute 45 miles to work and another 45 home…it would have been SO NICE to avoid that commute more often than not but I was always told that they needed my face in the office (even though I could have worked with my door closed all day).
    While working from home I found that I was more productive, not just with my work but with my home life. I could do laundry throughout the day, get dinner started, etc. because I didn’t have as many interruptions (read: people stopping in just to chat for 25 minutes at a time).

    I wish more places were work at home friendly. Think about the people who could be both a stay at home mom AND career woman – and be able to do both well? The financial strains that would be lessened? The environmental benefits? And the list goes on and on….

    I share many of your same questions – interesting blog topic!

    • Got Your Holiday On??

      Thanks, you have excellent points. I’ve been looking for a WAH position for awhile and here in southern California there really just aren’t any in my field. My next step is to look into Companies out of state that allow WAH.

      • simplyeclecticlife

        Good luck! I hope something just perfect will find it’s way to you!

      • Got Your Holiday On??

        Thank you very much

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