October 25 – National Greasy Foods Day


Today is National Greasy Foods Day!


Although it might not be the healthiest choice out there, everyone loves the taste of greasy food. From pizza and nachos to burgers and French fries, it’s nearly impossible to ignore this guilty pleasure.

Did you know that fried chicken is the most ordered meal in sit-down restaurants in the U.S.? Even if it’s just for today, allow yourself to indulge in a little greasy good to celebrate National Greasy Food Day!

Not to be a downer but watch your cholesterol and sodium intake. There is always mock fried, meaning cooked in the oven to get the same kind of crunch.
National Greasy Food Day (punchbowl.com)

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4 thoughts on “October 25 – National Greasy Foods Day

  1. Except for french fries, I have to be honest and say I’m not a fan of fried foods. I guess the heaving coating is just too overwhelming to me. When I got those fried treats at Indian restaurants, I usually just pick out the potatoes and peas and then leave the coating aside.

    • You should try the mock fried chicken with French’s Onions. I have a very sensitive stomach and have to be careful of what I eat. The mock fried chicken satisfies my fried chicken craving.

  2. Yum! My favourite has to be tempura!

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