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What if you could see into the future?

Learn to recognize the possibilties in your life, and you’ll see into your own future, in time to do something about it. Life is full of possibilities — some good, some bad. The better we become at recognizing and anticipating them, the more effective and successful we will be.

There are countless opportunities that pass you by because you never even know about them. And there are all too many unpleasant “surprises” that could have been avoided, had you seen them coming. When you pay attention to the possibilities, you have more options, more control in your life.

To increase your possibility awareness, you must first accept your current situation. Resist the temptation to complain, or blame, or deny, or to engage in wishful thinking about what “could have been”. What is, is. Look at the reality of your situation. Detach yourself from the emotions of the moment. Though emotions can be a very powerful source of motivation, they can also blind you to reality. In order to see all the possibilites, you must be totally aware of the situation.

Next, open your mind. Consider new ideas, get out of your routine, read a magazine that’s completely unrelated to anything you’re interested in — see what the rest of the world is doing. You’ll recognize possibilities much more readily when you’re constantly challenging your assumptions.

Finally, act on the possibilities. When you see opportunity, take steps to make the most of it. If you see a possible danger or threat, take steps to protect yourself. Being able to say “I did something about it” is far more satisfying than just saying “I knew it.”

Be open to possibilities. They’re everywhere, and they are your future.

— Ralph Marston
Possibilities (greatday.com)

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