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Like Yourself

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The only way you can successfully communicate and relate to other people, is to like yourself. The more you like yourself, the more others will like and accept you. Unfortunately, many people have experiences in their past that leave them feeling unworthy, incapable and embarrassed.

That is all over now. It is in the past. The reality is that you’re an expressive, sensitive, gregarious person, if only you’ll let yourself be. It doesn’t matter what someone has said about you in the past. It doesn’t matter what shortcomings you have previously experienced. That is all history.

What matters is what you do from this point forward. Realize that you are a worthwhile, valuable person with an enormous contribution to make. Find the best within yourself and feel good about the person you are. You are a special person, and your life begins today.

— Ralph Marston
Like Yourself (greatday.com)

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4 thoughts on “Daily Motivation – Quotes About Life – Inspirational Quotes

  1. I agree! If more people liked themselves, the world would be a happier place to live! 🙂

    • I’m glad someone see’s it the way I do. Read your blog and I’m glad you came out safe. I donated $$ to the Red Cross but wish I could do more. It’s kinda hard being in L.A. to find ways other then donate money and goods. Have a good day and stay safe.

  2. petit4chocolatier

    I love this quote!

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