January 11 – International Thank You Day


January 11 is International Thank You Day (ITYD).

International Thank You Day

Today is all about appreciating the many blessings and the wonderful people in our lives.

In our busy and stressful lives, it is important to remember that each day truly is a blessing.

We sometimes take things, and each other, for granted.

Whether we are facing a health crisis, are currently unemployed or underemployed or are enjoying a rich and prosperous year, it’s important to remember circumstances can change when we least expect it.

Today is the perfect opportunity to be thankful for friends, family, freedom, food, shelter and
basic necessities. We should even be thankful for that cranky co-worker or rotten boss because
at least we have a job!

In honor of International Thank You Day, thank those around you. Try it all day long – people
will wonder what you’re up to! And who knows? Maybe that pearly white smile or sincere
“thank you” will lift someone’s spirits more than you realize.

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4 thoughts on “January 11 – International Thank You Day

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