Oklahoma City Tornado Relief


I love Teleflora is doing this.

For every bouquet sold by May 31st Teleflora will donate $1.00 to the Red Cross.

Order and pay for all your bouquets for the next few months. Graduation is coming up, any birthdays you have in the next couple of months, flowers for a BBQ you have planned.

Teleflora - Oklahoma relief

The Red Cross is there for everyone.

Someday you may need them too.


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End of the World 2012


“The posted artwork is being used for amusement purposes only”

OMG - End of the WorldAccording to the Mayan calendar today should be “The end of the World”. The Mayan calendar is made in cycles, December 21st is the end of a Mayan calendar cycle thus “The end of the World”.

There are many people who believe nothing will happen, some believe it will be “The end of the World”, others believe it is the end of one era and the beginning of a new way of thinking and of great change, and some believe it will be some combination of all of these things. Some people are prepared for anything that happens today while others are going to parties and will treat today like any other day.

Personally, I will go about my day as normal. Although living on the west coast we are very susceptible to earthquakes so we are prepared for those.

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