January 28 – National Have Fun At Work Day


Monday January 28th is “National Have Fun At Work Day”


Wanted to post this early so everyone can get organized and plan. HAVE FUN!!


Here are some suggestions to help your day be more fun and to help you and your co-workers have a great day!

1. If appropriate at your work place, bring up the “National Have Fun At Work Day” idea to your co-workers. Maybe folks could join in to bring snacks. Or maybe they’d even have other ideas to add.

2. Wear something a little offbeat to work. People will think you’re nuts – or just having a great day. Hopefully it will get the comments started. Perhaps everyone could dress a little offbeat.

3. If you have a small office – or a small department, little gifts are always a great way to begin the day.

4. Food always seems to be a hit around the job site.

5. A white elephant gift exchange is always fun.

6. If your group likes to party together, perhaps you’d rather save your fun until after work . Someone may offer their home or apartment and others join in with food, drinks and games.

7. Many of us may have work-at-home jobs. This national day of fun does NOT exclude you. If you work at home, email a couple of your good clients and share some fun.

If your work keeps you very busy – just sharing a smile and a few fun words can cheer up most everyone.

Keep this appropriate. Yes, we all have work gripes. Today with so many companies downsizing, or heaping more work on fewer people, or just doing all they can to stay in the black – a day with a little fun added can help you keep your sanity.

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January 21 – Martin Luther King Day


Martin Luther King Day – Happy belated birthday Dr. King


Click to purchase "Strength to Love [Deluxe Edition] [Paperback]" - 5 star rating

Click to purchase “Strength to Love [Deluxe Edition] [Paperback]” – 5 star rating

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is a United States federal holiday marking the birthday of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is observed on the third Monday of January each year, which is around the time of Dr. King’s birthday, January 15.

Dr. King was the chief spokesman for nonviolent activism in the civil rights movement, which successfully protested racial discrimination in federal and state law. The campaign for a federal holiday in Dr. King’s honor began soon after his assassination in 1968.

The idea of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day as a holiday was promoted by labor unions in contract negotiations. After Dr. King’s death, United States Representative John Conyers (a Democrat from Michigan) and United States Senator Edward Brooke (a Republican from Massachusetts) introduced a bill in Congress to make Dr. King’s birthday a national holiday. The bill first came to a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1979. However, it fell five votes short of the number needed for passage. Two of the main arguments mentioned by opponents were that a paid holiday for federal employees would be too expensive, and that a holiday to honor a private citizen would be contrary to longstanding tradition (Dr. King had never held public office). Only two other persons have national holidays in the United States honoring them: George Washington and Christopher Columbus.

Soon after, the King Center turned to support from the corporate community and the general public. The success of this strategy was cemented when musician Stevie Wonder released the single “Happy Birthday” to popularize the campaign in 1980 and hosted the “Rally for Peace” Press Conference in 1981. Six million signatures were collected for a petition to Congress to pass the law, termed by a 2006 article in The Nation as “the largest petition in favor of an issue in U.S. history.”

At the White House Rose Garden on November 2, 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed a bill, proposed by Representative Katie Hall of Indiana, creating a federal holiday to honor Dr. King. It was observed for the first time on January 20, 1986. At first, some states resisted observing the holiday as such, giving it alternative names or combining it with other holidays. It was officially observed in all 50 states for the first time in 2000.

The bill established the Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal Holiday Commission to oversee observance of the holiday, and Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s wife, was made a member of this commission for life by President George H. W. Bush in May 1989.

Martin Luther King Jr. - The Essential writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King Jr.
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by: Martin Luther King (Author), James M. Washington (Editor) – 5 Star Rating

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (

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October 7-13 – National Work From Home Week


This is “National Work From Home Week”

While trying to figure out what to write about today I came across “National Work From Home Week”.

While doing research I found a 2008 “Work From Home” article which concerned me.

After reading the article I had a few questions: (read the article first then these questions will make sense)

1.) Why is it not mandatory to work from home if eligible.

Just think of how much less gas would be used. I’m in California where I am paying $4.53 to $5.00 a
gallon for gas. Just think if all eligible Federal employees worked from home we could probably pay a little less a gallon right now.

2.) If the Federal Government is so telecommute friendly why are employees not told they are eligible to work from home.

I’m sure this would be a benefit to the Federal Government. They would pay less in electricity, computer leases, copy machines leases, office supplies, possible even move to a smaller building with less rent.

3.) Why would the employee not fight for the right to telecommute.

If it was me I would love working from home. The wear and tear on my car would be almost non-existent. My carbon footprint would be almost gone, I could walk to 90% of the stores I need.

Tell me what you think:


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June 21 – Recess at Work Day

Recess? Really? Love it. What a great way to boost morale, creativity and production from employees. It’s also a great reminder to find ways make your workday more enjoyable all year round.

Recess At Work Day was founded by Rich DiGirolamo, who believes that a happy workplace is a productive workplace.

A temporary break from normal duties is just what the doctor ordered. If I’ve learned anything these past few days it’s to exercise, relax, laugh and relieve stress. Taking recess does all three.
Need ideas?

  • Take that team meeting to a coffee shop, amusement park or the beach
  • Visit a local park. Play a little, and brainstorm a lot; that next big idea might occur during recess
  • Celebrate with popcorn and cotton candy or something else your employees love
  • You could always exercise as a group
  • Create a company time capsule
  • An ice cream social might be just what the team needs
  • Play some good old outdoor games like tag, jump rope, or Frisbee. Amazing what a good game of follow the leader might teach you about your coworkers
  • Grab a piece of chaulk and a stone and head out to the sidewalk for a game of hopscotch
  • Set aside those spreadsheets and endless forms for some X’s and O’s in Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Divide the office into teams and create your own Olympic events, such as office chair races



Building A High Morale Workplace

Recess at Work Day (
When was the last time you took Recess At Work! (

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Working for fun

What if hard work was actually fun? Just imagine how much more of it you would choose to do, and how much additional value you would create.

Just think of how many more great things you could accomplish.

Imagine that some person or some group wanted to hold you back, to keep you from being your very best. What would be a good way of doing that?

One extremely effective way to hold millions of people back would be to spread the assumption that difficult, challenging work is to be avoided. That being the case, is it really an assumption you want to willingly hold on to?

What’s fun, and satisfying, and fulfilling for you, is whatever you decide is fun, satisfying and fulfilling. If you so choose, that can include intense, difficult, challenging and even tedious work that creates great value.

Are you being held back by your assumptions about what is enjoyable and fulfilling, and what is not? You’re free to change those assumptions any time you choose.

— Ralph Marston
Have fun at work!!!!
Working for fun (

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National Salsa Month – Recipe #10 – Minty Green Olive-Celery Salsa


Please enjoy the tenth recipe of the month for National Salsa Month: Minty Green Olive-Celery Salsa

300 Best Taco Recipes: From Tantalizing Tacos to Authentic Tortillas, Sauces, Cocktails and Salsas

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National Salsa Month – Recipe #9 – Charred Tomato Salsa


Please enjoy the ninth recipe of the month for National Salsa Month: Charred Tomato Salsa

Salsa’s and Dips

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National Salsa Month – Recipe #8- Four-Citrus Salsa


Please enjoy the eighth recipe of the month for National Salsa Month: Four-Citrus Salsa

Truly Mexican: Essential Recipes and Techniques for Authentic Mexican Cooking

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National Salsa Month – Recipe #7 – Mango Salsa


Please enjoy the seventh recipe of the month for National Salsa Month: Mango Salsa

The World’s Best Salsa Recipe Book

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