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December 1 – National Mutt Day



National Mutt DayNational Mutt Day was created in 2005 by Celebrity Pet Expert and Animal Welfare Advocate Colleen Paige, and is all about embracing, saving and celebrating mixed breed dogs. The biggest percentage of dogs euthanized in the shelter each year are unwanted, medium to large mixed breed dogs, due to the constant over-breeding and public desire of designer dogs and pure bred puppies that are sold to pet stores supplied by puppy mills that often produce ill and horribly neglected animals.

National Mutt Day was created to raise awareness of the plight of mixed breed dogs in shelters around the nation and to educate the public about the sea of mixed breed dogs that desperately await new homes. Mixed breed dogs tend to be healthier, better behaved, they live longer and are just as able to perform the duties of pure bred dogs – such as bomb and drug sniffing, search and rescue and guiding the blind.

There are millions of loving and healthy mixed breed dogs sitting in shelters, who are desperately searching for a new home. One of the county’s most famous movie dogs is Benji, is a mixed breed Terrier.

So please visit your local shelter and find a new friend today! If you can’t adopt a mixed breed friend on December 2nd, please donate at least $5 to your local animal shelter, as they all need financial assistance and every dollar counts!

You can also volunteer to walk a dog, donate food and other supplies needed to your local animal shelter or make a donation in the memory of a loved dog who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Our goal is to save 10,000 Mutts this December 2nd from coast to coast!



National Mutt Day (

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Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month





Pet overpopulation is a big problem in the United States. Each year eight million stray and unwanted animals are taken to shelters. 3.7 million of those animals are euthanized because homes could not be found for them. It’s unfortunate that the leasing cause of death of dogs and cats is shelter euthanasia.

AHA ( American Humane Society) selected October as Adopt-A-Shelter-Dog Month to bring awareness to the problem of pet overpopulation. Adoption gives a pet a second chance at life and joy to the adoptive family.

With today’s technology it’s easier than ever to search and find a pet to adopt. One good site is There’s also a searchable database of 13,000 shelters and adoptive organizations across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Being ready for your new pet is important. Too often a family will adopt a pet and love them – at first. Then, realize the work and responsibility it takes to care for a pet neglecting or abandoning the pet.

Adopting a new dog is a major step, one that will affect your family and your lifestyle for the duration of the dog’s life. Before you bring your dog home, make sure you are stocked up on essential supplies like food, bowls, toys, grooming tools, collar and leash with identification tag and a create with cozy bedding. Also, pet-proof the house or the area where you will keep the dog by making sure all electrical cords are tucked away and all potentially harmful items are out of paw’s reach. Most importantly, make an appointment with your veterinarian for a wellness exam before you even take your new dog home.

A local shelter is the perfect place to find dogs of every type, size, age and personality. If you prefer a particular breed that isn’t currently available at a shelter, go online to find a breed-specific rescue group in need of forever homes for their furry friends.

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April 11 – National Pet Day 2012

Today is National Pet day and should be celebrated for all kinds of pets. This day was founded by Colleen Paige, Celebrity Pet Expert and Animal Advocate, with sponsorship by Animal Miracle Foundation and Network.

Animal Miracle Foundation and Network is a phenomenal organization that strives to make the public aware of all animal needs and education. Their motto is ADOPT….DON’T SHOP! I know I will stay away from any pet shop.

It’s estimated that approximately 16,000 pets die in U.S. shelters every single day. This means that roughly every single hour of the day, 667 sweet furry babies are taking their last breath. This is just cats and dogs and does not include the thousands of other unwanted animals that people consider pets. Right now, while you’re reading this, hundreds of animals are dying. It’s a painful reality but we must not give up hope to change it. [1]

My promise to Colleen Paige and the AMFN:

I am a huge coupon-er and I have no pets, but I have a lot of coupons for pet food and pet products. I have tried to give them to people who have pets, but they simply don’t want to be bothered. So, I will use my pet coupons and donate the products I buy to my local animal shelter. They will NOT be donated to a local pet shop. The donations may not be huge, but I’m hoping it will help.

I challenge everyone to do the same. Any donation I’m sure would be appreciated.
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National Pet Day (

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April 8 – Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month – Wear Orange

As much as I love animals I can’t believe I almost forgot about this month being “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month”.

Please take the time to support the ASPCA.

Please see the ASPCA website for ways to show support.

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National Puppy Day

Awwwww. This is why we love them.

Colleen Paige, Animal Behaviorist and Author, founded National Puppy Day in 2006 to celebrate the love and happiness a puppy can bring into our lives.

Also to bring awareness to the orphaned puppies that need loving homes and the inhumane treatment of puppies in puppy mills. We need to open our eyes and help those who can’t help themselves.

There are things you can do to celebrate this day. The official National Puppy Day website offers a list of things to do.


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