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National Breakfast Month – Recipe #8 – Asparagus-Zucchini Frittata


Recipe #8 – Asparagus-Zucchini Frittata


Please enjoy the 8th recipe of the month for “National Breakfast Month”: Asparagus-Zucchini Frittata

Breakfast is the most important meal—giving us a much-needed energy boost for the rest of the day. Nevertheless many of us skip breakfast when we’re in a hurry—or worse, we turn to calorie- and carbohydrate-laden foods that even the most active person would have trouble burning. Give your body the energy it needs by trying this delicious breakfast recipe!

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Recipe #2 for National Soyfood Month.



Please enjoy the second recipe for National Soyfood Month, Soy Glazed Tofu and Asparagus



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