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National Breakfast Month – Recipe #4 – Banana Breakfast Dogs


Recipe #3 – Banana Breakfast Dogs


Please enjoy the fourth recipe of the month for “National Breakfast Month”: Banana Breakfast Dogs

This looked really fun and probably a really good idea for the kids.
I love the fact you get a protein (peanut butter), slow carbs (banana) and fast carbs (whole wheat hot dog bun) in this fun breakfast. Eating your meals this way keeps your blood sugar from spiking.

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National Breakfast Month – Recipe #1 – Breakfast Pies


Recipe #1 – Breakfast Pies


Please enjoy the first recipe of the month for “National Breakfast Month”: Breakfast Pies

Thought I’d start out with an easy one. I make these all the time. These can be made ahead of time and frozen if need be, just put in the refrigerator the night before you use them, then microwave and you’re all set with a to-go breakfast.

So convenient when you’re in a hurry or for a quick snack.

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