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5 Days til Halloween

For all you DIY’ers or last minute costume shoppers, I’ve put together this list of DIY costumes that can be done in a couple of hours over the weekend.

Instructions for some of these are not included due to being pretty self explanatory. I have added notes to some of the costumes.
1.) Lego Costume – Use either plastic cups or plastic bowls to tape to the box and spray paint

Property of: Photographer Unknown















2.) Artist – This one could probably be done in an hour. Use a piece of card board cut out as an artist pallet, different colors of paint, ribbon and paint brush.

Property of: Photographer Unknown

3.) Will Work for Candy – Use old clothes, a piece of a cardboard box for sign and face paint for beard.

Property of: Photographer Unknown












4.) MP3 Player – Pretty self explanatory

Property of: Photographer Unknown










5.) Bat – I love this one. It’s more complicated then the above costumes so here is the link to the website for instructions.

Photo by L. Marie













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The hunt is on!


Nothing but DIY…


Every year I tell myself I’m going to start Christmas shopping early.
This year will be difficult, even more than last year. Money is tighter than last year and I’m racking my brain trying to figure out how to cost effectively do holiday shopping this year.


So, I’m on a mission to find the best and most cost efficient ways to decorate, buy food and get gifts.


As my search progresses I will share my findings with you all.


Sharing is good so if you have any ideas that can help please feel free to share.


The hunt is on…….Happy Holidays everyone. Be safe.

So, to start off here is a link to some DIY costumes for the kiddos. The ideas came from the website. Some are cost effective and some are not. Some of the DIY costumes are really cute and inventive.


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Gifts for dad


We have 9 days left to get that perfect gift for dad.
If need an idea for a Father’s Day gift here are some ideas that would make any dad happy:

Do the yard work for a month

Wash the car once a week for a month

Make dinner on the weekends for a month

Bake him his favorite sweet treat

Go to the gym with him

Make a movie kit (popcorn, favorite candy, soda, movies, etc)

For the little ones that need to get dad a gift here’s some ideas. Of course mom will need to help you:

The Dad Project: 7 Easy-to-Make Gifts for Father’s Day


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No Housework Day

April 7 is No Housework Day, my favorite day. Now this is an idea that I think we can all get behind! Even you compulsive cleaners can take a break. (Really! It’s OK, I won’t judge!)
It seems that no matter how often I dust and vacuum, my house is still full of dust. No matter how many times I wash the dirty clothes and dishes they still pile up. No matter how many times I tidy up every horizontal surface in my house picks up stacks of magazines, papers, receipts and junk.

No Housework Day is a perfect day to go play or just relax and do nothing. Find a quite room to enjoy some music or the TV. Make a date with old friends you haven’t seen for a while.

Relax! The dishes will still be there tomorrow!

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