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Chocolate Cake Day is today.

Chocolate lovers UNITE!!!

Prepare to indulge yourself.

Today gives you the OK to treat yourself to your favorite chocolate cake.

This, unfortunately, has not been declared a national holiday by Congress but, it is a day that chocolate lovers will gladly celebrate.

The 3 objectives of today are to bake a chocolate cake, decorate it and then eat it.  Of course if you’re to busy then eating some cake will do.  Yummy!!!

I was unable to find any information as to who created this day or even the origin.  This leads me to believe it was created by a bakery or a card company.

Oh well, however it came about whose gonna argue with chocolate. 🙂


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Have some German Chocolate Cake on Michigan’s 175th Birthday



Here’s a new event I found on


Cake Yummy!!!


Thanks Jereme. Enjoy the Birthday!!


Have some German Chocolate Cake on Michigan’s 175th Birthday.


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