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Super Bowl XLVI Poll



Tomorrow is the BIG day for all you football fans.


With living rooms and bars filled to capacity  The New York Giant and New England Patriots come together once again.


What do you think the outcome will be?



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We will be buying a new TV for this game.

Wow what a game today, well at least the second half. We missed the first half due to an electrical power outage. It came back on just in time for the second half. I was biting my nails all through the second half. Sitting on the edge of my seat all I could do was pray that the “GIANTS” would win. Then OVERTIME, dang I hate overtime. In the end our Giants didn’t let us down, 20-17, sorry SF fans they fought a darn good fight.

Superbowl is Sunday February 5th. The NFC champion New York Giants will square off with the AFC champion New England Patriots….de ja vue. Let’s hope we repeat 2007.

Kickoff for Superbowl XLVI, the first Superbowl to ever be played in Indianapolis, is scheduled for 6:25 p.m. EST, February 5, 2012. The game will be televised on NBC and streamed at for computers and via Verizon Wireless’s NFL Mobile app.

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