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August 15 – National Lemon Meringue Pie Day


Today is National Lemon Meringue Pie Day. My favorite pie, yummy.

Lemon meringue pie is a baked pie, usually served for dessert, made with a short crust or shortbread pastry, lemon curd filling and a fluffy meringue topping. Lemon meringue pie is prepared with a bottom pie crust, with the meringue directly on top of the lemon filling. No upper crust is used.
The lemon custard is usually prepared with egg yolks, lemon zest and juice, sugar, and starch. The meringue includes well beaten egg whites and sugar, is cooked on top of the pie filling. As the meringue bakes, air bubbles trapped inside the protein of the egg whites will expand and swell.
The meringue can be beaten into either soft or stiff peaks. The temperature the pie is baked at and the method sugar is added determines the texture and durability of the meringue.
Lemon flavored custards, puddings and pies have been enjoyed since medieval times, but meringue was perfected in the 17th century. Lemon meringue pie, as it is known today, is a 19th century product. The earliest recorded recipe was attributed to Alexander Frehse, a Swiss baker from the canton of Romandie.
Click on the photo below for what I think is the best Lemon Meringue Pie recipe ever.


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May 13 – National Apple Pie Day & Mother’s Day

Today is National Apple Pie Day and Mother’s Day.
National Apple Pie Day is celebrated by making homemade apple pie.
This apple pie recipe is easy to make.
Make it an extra special family event and make the pie together and present to mom for Mother’s Day.
If you don’t have the time to bake a pie they are generally easy to find in the grocery store.
There should be plenty of restaurants featuring apple pie on their menu today.
Apple pie is also a great pie for diabetics, apple pie recipes are easily formulated with diabetics in mind.
Enjoy both holidays today. Happy Mother’s Day to all mom’s out there.

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April 28 – National Blueberry Pie Day

April 28 – Happy National Blueberry Pie Day!
Blueberries are the second most beloved fruit, right behind strawberries.
Blueberries are one of the few fruits native to North America. In 1916, Elizabeth Coleman White, the daughter of a New Jersey farmer, developed the first commercial variety of blueberry based on the wild varieties growing in the region. Today, Driscoll’s blueberries are grown year-round by farmers in the U.S. [1]
When compared to other fresh fruits and vegetables, blueberries rank number one in antioxidants. Blueberries are low in sodium, high fiber and potassium, and only 40 calories per ½ cup serving.
There is nothing bad about blueberries. The chemicals in blueberries may inhibit cancer cell development. The fruit is reported to have a beneficial effect on a number of other conditions, including Alzheimer’s disease, urinary tract infections, and blood pressure. The leaves help block replication of the hepatitis C virus. And a recent study found that wild blueberry juice enhanced memory and learning in older adults, while reducing blood sugar and symptoms of depression. They also help reduce bad cholestrol that leads to cardiovascular disease and stroke.
Feel good about celebrating this day. Blueberries are good for you.
Remember fresh never frozen blueberries, enjoy.
Recipe for Blueberry Pancakes, enjoy.
Enjoy National Blueberry Pie Day With a Yummy Slice and Sweet Advice (

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Today is National Pie Day………Get Your Pie On!!!



National Pie Day was created by the American Pie Council.  


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