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A brighter tomorrow

Even in the most difficult of times there is more reason for hope than there is reason for despair. Even in the midst of uncertainty there is an abundance of positive possibilities. Even when the world is awash in troubles, it is still filled also with real and persistent goodness.

There are times when it can indeed be difficult to see the positive side of life and yet it is there nonetheless. No matter how dark the night may be, there is always a way to move steadily and positively through it.

Whenever there is bad news, there are some people who despair, and there are others who get to work. There are some who see only bleakness, and others so see grand opportunities to make a positive difference. What happens does not matter nearly so much as what you decide to do about it.

You can make positive progress even when the world says you can’t, even when circumstances seem to conspire against you. In fact, it is during such times that those who are committed to being positive, productive and effective can have the greatest impact.

When the dark clouds gather, shine your light more brightly than ever. No matter what today is like, it’s filled with opportunities to create an even brighter tomorrow.

— Ralph Marston
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