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February 9 – National Stop Bullying Day


Today is National Stop Bullying Day.

stop_bullyingThere are a countless number of youths that stay home or stay away from school each month for fear of being bullied or harassed. Bullying is a big problem in today’s schools and in cyberspace.

Modern communications allow and encouraged bullying and harassment to flourish because they are not face to face and people can hide behind false identities. Social networks make it too easy to get personal information about people and use it in an embarrassing and harassing manner.

For more information please visit This website will help you recognize the warning signs and provides you with the education for bullying prevention and resources for those who may have or are being bullied.

Please help those who are to scared or embarrassed to ask for help. Let’s all work to reduce the amount of violence in our writing, speaking, and thinking. Try giving some unexpected kindness to those you meet.

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April 8 – Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month – Wear Orange

As much as I love animals I can’t believe I almost forgot about this month being “Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month”.

Please take the time to support the ASPCA.

Please see the ASPCA website for ways to show support.

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