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philosophy supersize


Also check QVC’s awesome super sizes of other philosophy items.
The savings on these items are worth buying more then one.


love your skin fragranced body trio

Amazing Grace with body spritz What is it: A three-piece fragrance trio designed to exfoliate, soothe, and hydrate skin to silky softness while wrapping you in your favorite philosophy scent.

amazing grace is a best-selling, classic, soft floral fragrance created to make a woman feel amazingly clean and beautifully feminine.

pure grace is a crisp, modern, soap-and-water fragrance created to make a woman feel infinitely clean and refreshed.

inner grace is a peaceful, calming, deep floral fragrance created to make a woman feel renewed and balanced.

baby grace is a nurturing, softly sweet, single-note floral fragrance created to make a woman feel nurtured and comforted.

falling in love is a romantic sparkling berry and smooth floral fragrance created to make a woman feel romantic and sensual.

unconditional love is an enduring, passionate warm vanilla and dark berry fragrance created to make a woman feel surrounded by love and happiness.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants silky-soft, beautifully scented skin; anyone who loves to layer her fragrance.

Why is it different: You’ll enjoy a luxurious fragrance experience every day! The perfumed olive oil body scrub resurfaces skin while hydrating and replenishing. perfumed body emulsion or lotion hydrates and soothes skin, leaving it smooth, silky-soft, and lightly scented. The perfumed body spritz provides the ultimate finishing touch, lightly hydrating while leaving skin refreshed and beautifully scented.

How do I use it: Formulated with olive oil, the body scrub helps replenish lost moisture and exfoliates to rejuvenate skin. Apply a small amount to dry or wet skin, before or during your shower. Massage your entire body for at least one minute. Rinse thoroughly.

After your shower, apply a generous amount of the perfumed body emulsion or lotion to skin with fingertips. Massage gently with a soothing, circular motion.

Spray body spritz from any angle over your entire body after your shower.

From philosophy.


32-fl-oz perfumed olive oil body scrub
16-fl-oz perfumed body spritz
32-fl-oz perfumed body emulsion (for amazing grace, inner grace, falling in love, or unconditional love options) OR 32-fl-oz perfumed body lotion (for pure grace and baby grace options)
Cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, PR, VI, Guam, Canada, or PO Boxes
Made in USA

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October 11 – QVC – Today’s Special Value


Start Your Christmas Shopping





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QVC & back to school


Finding a good back-to-school laptop shouldn’t feel like homework. QVC has the best of the best in all price ranges.

Here are a few things to remember when purchasing a laptop:

Choose The Right Size
• 13 to 17.5 inches
      • 13- and 14-inch models are better for students on the go

Get Specs for the Long Haul
• 4GB to 8GB memory
      • 4GB is plenty, but if you can find higher GB’s at the same price, get it.

Consider an Ultrabook
•Thin profile and offer at least 5 hours of battery life.

At Least a 5.5 Hours of Battery Life
• Bringing a power cord is a cop-out.
      • Choose at least 5 hours and 30 minutes on a charge.



Easy Pay, select Free S&H & Event Prices on ALL Computers throughout August at!


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June 9 – QVC’s Todays Special Value (shhhhh for dad, this is a good one)


********NO LONGER AVAILABLE*********


Today’s Special Value®. Every day since 1987, we’ve offered one item at an exceptionally low price good for that day until 11:59 p.m. ET. That’s Today’s Special Value®.



Ship 6/23 Apple New iPad 16GB WiFi w/Color Caseand Accessories
Price: $799.00

Ship 6/23 Apple New iPad 32GB WiFi w/Color Caseand Accessories
Price: $899.00

Ship 6/23 Apple New iPad 16GB 4G Capable and WiFi w/ Access.
Price: $929.00

Ship 6/23 Apple New iPad 32GB 4G Capable and WiFi w/ Access.
Price: $1029.00

Ship 6/30 Apple New iPad 32GB 4G Capable and WiFi w/ Access.
Price: $1029.00


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Air Conditioning


I don’t ever write a post like this but, the weather were I am is getting very humid. We live in an upstairs apartment with no air conditioning. There have been times during the summer the APARTMENT has reached over a 100 degrees, but outside is in the 90’s. It’s crazy.
Everyone thinks if you live in California there is no need for air conditioning. Back in the day it may have been true, but with all the buildings that have gone up over the years we just don’t get a breeze anymore. Sleeping is horrendous.
So anyway my point is this portable air conditioner is a great deal. If you have a chance take a look and seriously think about it. It’s on easy pay which is another advantage.
Have a Cool!!! summer.


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Get Your Cleaning On

*****I posted this during the holidays and was asked to re-post to share the earth friendly cleaning supplies recipes below. We all should be conscience of what we are doing to the earth*****
I really didn’t want to write this because I hate cleaning, I know it has to be done, and I do it, but I hate it.

I thought my cleaning recipes might help everyone get their house ready for their Holiday guests.

Recently I have started to use homemade products to clean. It’s much cheaper than store-bought and they do just as good of a job and sometime even a better job.

Some of these recipes may not smell nice all the time but will dissipate when they dry. I’m writing this in hopes that you all will feel better knowing you did something good for the environment.

The environment is really the reason I started making my own cleaning products. I hear all the talk on the news and talk radio about how we need to take care of our environment. All that made me think about what my niece and nephew and their kids and so on, will have to look forward to in later years. Will they be able to pack a lunch of tuna sandwich’s and grape soda, like my mom and dad did for my family and go to the lake for the day and spend quality time together? Will there be water in the lake for them to even enjoy? Will gas be $8.00 a gallon?

It all starts with us and trickles down to the generations. If our kids see us trying to be green and recycle they will too and so on.

These are my favor recipes.  I use them weekly, if not daily.

All-Purpose cleaner – dissolve ½ cup washing soda in a bucket of warm water.
USE: Kitchen/Bathroom – wash surface, then rinse. Not recommended for aluminum surfaces or no-wax floors. Cleans walls, counter tops, refrigerators, appliances, tiles, sinks, tub/shower, and toilet bowls.

Baby clothes – Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to the laundry rinse cycle.
USE: Baby clothes – Helps break down uric acid and soapy residue, leaving baby clothes soft and fresh.

Bathroom mold cleaner – Mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide (3% solution) and 2 parts water.
USE: Spray on areas with mold; wait at least one hour before rinsing or using shower.
Warning: Be careful with hydrogen peroxide; it can take the color out of fabrics

Dishwasher Detergent – mix 1 cup baking soda with 1 cup borax (use sparingly). You can use 2 packs of sugar-free lemonade, if desired, for scent.
USE: 2 – 4 Tbsp per load, dependent on how big the load.

Floor Cleaner – Add ½ cup vinegar to ½ gallon warm water & mop. No need to rinse!
USE:To clean no-wax floors.

Multi-Purpose “Greener” Cleaner – Add the following ingredients to a 16-oz spray bottle, shake well: soap (flakes, powder, or liquid), 1 teaspoon baking soda, 2 tablespoons white distilled vinegar, 16 ounces (2 cups) water.
USE: Multi-Purpose


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Lose weight with QVC’s………

What can I say about QVC?

It’s just the greatest thing in the world!

Our best purchase is the Cook’s Essential 11″ Everyday Pan.  I love anything metal utensil safe.

Nothing sticks to this pan, it’s amazing.

Stick no more!!!  Cook’s Essential 11″ Everyday Pan is your friend.

We use it for everything from breakfast to dinner.

This would be a great pan for all who’s New Year’s resolution is to lose weight.

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Happy Christmas Eve

Just had to say “Happy Christmas Eve” to everyone before I really sign off for a few days.

I hope everyone has a very Happy Holiday.

Also, I need to thank everyone for supporting me and visiting my blog.  These first few months have been a learning experience.

Happy Holidays to everyone and please be safe.


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2 Days and Counting

Happy Holidays everyone.

There’s only 2 days left until Christmas.  Your only luck to get gifts by Dec. 25th is to shop locally.

I want to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Holiday Season.

I will be off for the next few days.  I will be back to posting about all Holidays on Dec. 27th.

The next Holiday is New Years.  Amazon has an amazing amount of New Year’s decorations.

Follow the link below to the Amazon homepage of savings and value.

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3 Days and Counting

Happy Holidays everyone.

With only 3 days until Christmas Day, today is the last day to possibly get your gifts from Amazon by Christmas*.

Check the top right corner of the homepage to see if you qualify for delivery by Christmas.   

Happy Holidays to you all.

Amazon Homepage

**Certain rules and restrictions apply

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