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2012 Indianapolis 500

Carl Fisher was the original founder of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909. Two years later, on May 30th, 1911, the first Indy 500 race was held. Paying a one dollar admission 80,000 people were in attendance to watch the “International 500-Mile Sweepstakes Race.”

The Indy 500 has been held annually every Memorial Day weekend since 1911. It is the largest single-day sporting event. The race did not take place in 1917-1918 and 1942-1945 during America’s participation in World Wars.

Speedway, Indiana is home to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Indy 500 race is on a 2.5 mile, paved, oval track covering 500 miles, which is 200 laps.

Festivities usually begin a week before the race and include lavish parties and celebrations.

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National Physical Fitness and Sports Month

National Physical Fitness and Sports Month - Get moving!May 1st – 31st is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.

What a great time to promote the benefits of physical activity for adults.

Getting active increases your chances of living longer and can help you:

   *Control your blood pressure, blood sugar, and     weight
   *Raise your “good” cholesterol
   *Prevent heart disease, colorectal cancer, and     type 2 diabetes

Here are some tips to help you get active:

  *Aim for at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate activity a week. This     includes things like walking fast, dancing, or biking.

  *Do muscle-strengthening activities at least 2 days a week. Be sure to     strengthen all major muscle groups including the legs, hips, back, chest,     stomach, shoulders, and arms.

It’s also the perfect time to teach your children a healthy lifestyle and help combat childhood obesity by getting your child more physically active and interested in sports.

Getting your child involved in soccer, t-ball, flag football, or gymnastics, etc., can help them build motor skills, encourage a healthy lifestyle and continued physical activity as they get older. Although some parents may want to avoid the competitive environment, it’s important to remember most youth sports for younger kids are non-competitive.

Unfortunately, around age 9 is when many sports begin to get competitive. If your child isn’t interested in competitive sports take this month to find a sport or league that can get them more active. Check your local YMCA, schools, and church leagues.
Presidential Proclamation–National Physical Fitness and Sports Month
For info:
President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, Dept W, Tower Building, Ste 560, 1101 Wootton Pkwy, Rockville, MD 20852.
Phone: (240) 276-9567. Fax: (240) 276-9860.
Web: or

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April 10 – National Golfer’s Day

For all you professional golfers and even you pseudo professional golfers, today is “National Golfer’s Day”.

Research shows the modern game of golf is considered to be a Scottish invention. In 1457 the first recorded game was played in Scotland. There are more than 28 million golfers in the United States with golf providing job for more than two million people.

Early evidence of golf in the United States points to an advertisement, for golf clubs and balls, published in the Royal Gazette of New york City in 1779 along with the notice of the annual general meeting for a golf club in Savannah published in the Georgia Gazette in 1796.

In 1916 Rodman Wanamaker, along with charter members, founded the “Professional Golfers Association of America”.

Send an ecard to your favorite golfer and remind them today is “National Golfer’s Day”.

If you have a birthday or a graduation on the way for your golfer think about a gift they could use.

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March Madness

“March Madness” was the annual tournament of high school boys basketball teams, sponsored by the Illinois High School Association, grew from a small invitational affair in 1908 to a statewide institution with over 900 schools competing by the late 1930′s.

“March Madness” was a phrase coined by Henry V. Porter in 1939 describing a basketball tournament for Illinois High School. The phrase was first used during NCAA coverage in 1982 by Brent Musburger causing a legal battle as insane as the playoffs.

NCAA and the Illinois High School Assoc. jointly hold the registered trademark for the term “March Madness”.

During the tournament’s “Golden Era” of the 1940′s and 1950′s, “March Madness” became the popular name of the event. It was an era of some of Illinois’ most legendary teams, including the undefeated 1944 Taylorville squad and Mt. Vernon’s unstoppable back-to-back champions of 1949 and 1950. But the one champion remembered more than any other is tiny Hebron, a school of only 98 students, which won the tournament in 1952.

It wasn’t until the early 1980′s that fans of NCAA basketball began to use the term to describe the playoff series that takes place at the college/university level.

2012 NCAA Tournament: March Madness Site, Venue and Ticket Information
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History of March Madness (

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We will be buying a new TV for this game.

Wow what a game today, well at least the second half. We missed the first half due to an electrical power outage. It came back on just in time for the second half. I was biting my nails all through the second half. Sitting on the edge of my seat all I could do was pray that the “GIANTS” would win. Then OVERTIME, dang I hate overtime. In the end our Giants didn’t let us down, 20-17, sorry SF fans they fought a darn good fight.

Superbowl is Sunday February 5th. The NFC champion New York Giants will square off with the AFC champion New England Patriots….de ja vue. Let’s hope we repeat 2007.

Kickoff for Superbowl XLVI, the first Superbowl to ever be played in Indianapolis, is scheduled for 6:25 p.m. EST, February 5, 2012. The game will be televised on NBC and streamed at for computers and via Verizon Wireless’s NFL Mobile app.

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