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September 28 – National Strawberry Cream Pie day


Today is Strawberry Cream Pie Day!

Photo by Chef #1418921
Strawberry Cream Pie With Sugar Cookie Crust

Did you know that 70% of a strawberry cream pie’s weight comes from the strawberries themselves? That’s a lot considering that the fruit isn’t even in season in September!

When you set out to find the perfect strawberry cream pie there are many variations from which to choose. Some recipes use cream cheese in the filling while others call for whipped cream or custard. Crusts can be sweet or savory, strawberries can be whole or whipped into a mousse, and there are dozens of different toppings.

Find your favorite kind of strawberry cream pie or sample a selection to celebrate Strawberry Cream Pie Day!
Strawberry Cream Pie Day (

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National Strawberry Sundae Day


Happy National Strawberry Sundae Day!!


National Strawberry Sundae Day is celebrated every year on July 7th.



Strawberries are actually a member of the rose family, and is native to North America. Strawberries were used by Native Americans in many different dishes and European settlers shipped the fruits back to their native land.

Not that any of us really need an excuse to dig into some ice cream, but this would be the day to do it.

This is the perfect dessert on a hot summer’s night, ice cream loaded with strawberries and whipped cream. Strawberry sundaes can be made in a variety of different ways.

Just a couple are:

  • Strawberry ice cream with toppings (e.g. whipped cream, chocolate syrup, hot fudge or nuts. Use your imagination)

  • Any flavor ice cream (e.g. strawberry, vanilla, chocolate) top with fresh or frozen strawberries or even strawberry syrup.


Be on the look out for deals in your local area today. You can always celebrate on your own by building a strawberry sundae at home, or inviting some of your friends or family members over to have a sundae party.


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