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Thermos TRVL Insulated Front or Back Seat Organizer

Original Price: $50.00
Sale Price: $9.99
80% off


Condition: New
Front seat organizer comes in Black, Brown and Blue trim, and Brown and Pink Trim.

Back seat organizer comes in Blue or Pink.

IsoTec insulated storage compartment to keep beverages and food warm or cold while on the go.

Adjustable dividers let you customize the unit to fit your organizational requirements.

Compartments fit note pads, CDs, planners, and phones; mesh exterior pockets and pen holders add additional storage.

Quick access lid lets you easily grab items from the cooler, a built in handle provides easy transport.

Easily attaches to a seat belt to remain secure and stable while driving.


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October 7-13 – National Work From Home Week


This is “National Work From Home Week”

While trying to figure out what to write about today I came across “National Work From Home Week”.

While doing research I found a 2008 “Work From Home” article which concerned me.

After reading the article I had a few questions: (read the article first then these questions will make sense)

1.) Why is it not mandatory to work from home if eligible.

Just think of how much less gas would be used. I’m in California where I am paying $4.53 to $5.00 a
gallon for gas. Just think if all eligible Federal employees worked from home we could probably pay a little less a gallon right now.

2.) If the Federal Government is so telecommute friendly why are employees not told they are eligible to work from home.

I’m sure this would be a benefit to the Federal Government. They would pay less in electricity, computer leases, copy machines leases, office supplies, possible even move to a smaller building with less rent.

3.) Why would the employee not fight for the right to telecommute.

If it was me I would love working from home. The wear and tear on my car would be almost non-existent. My carbon footprint would be almost gone, I could walk to 90% of the stores I need.

Tell me what you think:


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August 20th – National Radio Day


Today is National Radio Day

A number of inventors played a role in creating this important medium. A number of inventions and discoveries were required to make the radio a reality. This included both transmission and reception methods and technology. The radio somewhat evolved from the telegraph and the telephone, with wireless telegraph directly contributing to its invention. [1]
Celebrate National Radio Day by simply listening to your favorite radio stations.
We found some evidence on blogs and radio station websites suggesting that this is a more recently established holiday, dating only to the 1990s. Radio station personnel, in a number of radio stations, began talking about creating their own holiday. After all, they frequently promoted bizarre and unique holidays of all kinds. From these conversations, this special day took on life. [2]
Also with all the weird weather throughout the U.S. we all should have a battery operated radio in case the electricity goes out.

Supersonic SC-431 4.3” Portable TFT LCD TV with FM Radio and SD Card Slot
by: Supersonic

Amazon Price: $88.89

[1], [2] National Radio Day (

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